About Us

Our Story

Our homes and offices are places that best reflect the lifestyle of all of us. We spend most of our lives here. thelucidlab, we set out to be an environmentally friendly organization with the principle of always being the best and the newest so that you can reflect your style in your living spaces. While we work to give you better design experiences, we will continue to innovate, paying attention to sustainability with nature. We prepared our metal wall art, tapestry and textile designs inspired by Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, and Leonardo da Vinci's "Stay Simple, Stay True" motto. Underlining the words of Anselm Kiefer, "I believe that art should take responsibility, but also should not stop being art", we took the responsibility of nature and the future in our designs. With the awareness that we are a part of nature, we will continue to improve ourselves and our designs by taking into account your suggestions and comments in our collections that we have prepared from 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. We work with manufacturers who focus on energy efficiency, zero waste principle and high recycling target for sustainability in our textile products such as wall covers, beach towels and pillows, or in decoration materials such as metal decorations and posters.