The secret of happiness: The Hygge Philosophy
According to the report published by the United Nations, Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Almost all of the year is cold, rainy, windy. The Danes, where the state deducted 60 percent income tax from the salary, had a busy work schedule and remained in the dark for a few months, sought the formula for happiness and the concept of hygge emerged.

One of the newest trends of recent months is Hygge. It's a brand new concept that you may have heard of, or perhaps never heard of before. Hygge, chosen as one of the final words of the year in the Oxford dictionary, means the art of living of the Danes.

HYGGE (pronounced like huge, höge, hoga, etc.) This Danish concept, which does not have a clear definition, is explained as follows: “The art of creating intimate environments”, “Feeling warm in the soul”, “The state of being away from all troubles, troubles and annoying things”, “ Enjoying the relaxing and happy things”, “being with your loved ones” etc. According to this philosophy, the important thing is to live by focusing on the little happiness. Maybe a porcelain cup that you will enjoy drinking your tea in your hands, maybe that moment when you find peace by reading a book under that colorful blanket knitted by your grandmother… In short, knowing the value of those moments away from ostentatiousness means feeling those moments consciously, learning to enjoy soothing and elegant things. coming; because the more these moments are multiplied, the greater the happiness. Hygee is a very important concept in Denmark, which is chosen as the happiest country in the world almost every year.