10 tips for a peaceful home
It is more than happiness is love. Feeling comfortable is the state of feeling safe; thing called peace. We have compiled what you can do for you to feel this concept, which is one of the most important parts of our lives, more at home.

- Make sure to evaluate the exterior of your home.
Create comfortable seating areas in areas such as terraces, balconies or patios.

- Decorate your bedroom with paintings in soothing colors.
Our bedrooms are where we spend most of our lives. Feeling more peaceful in our bedrooms, when we wake up, we can hang wall colors and paintings on these walls that allow us to spend the day more peacefully.

-Get rid of excess
Crowded furniture always creates clutter and stress. Few things, so much peace. Let's go to the item detox now.

-Living flowers are a must
Have fragrant fresh flowers in your home at all times.

-Wood flooring on the floor
Renew your floors. Wooden parquets soften and beautify the entire texture of your home.

-Peace corner with rocking chair
A rocking chair is an excellent way to get away from stress. On a cold winter night, holding your coffee mug tightly in both palms and watching the falling snow… This must be real peace.

-Soft textile products
Soft-textured textile products will also help you cope with winter depression.

- A corner of peace is a must
Have a corner where you can get away from television, computer, phone, in short, all kinds of technology!

-Customize your walls
Walls filled with pictures, paintings and photographs you love will increase your energy. In addition, natural materials such as brick always create a more peaceful and natural effect.

- wicker basket in the bathroom
Wicker baskets create a warm atmosphere in areas such as bathrooms. Get rid of your plastic dirty basket and get a wicker basket.