Big tips for tiny homes
Increasing population, decreasing settlements and shrinking families have pushed people into minimal living and smaller living spaces. We will give you a few tips to make small spaces more useful and meet every need, maybe you can be inspired by these ideas :)

-If you are going to create more than one area in the same room,

Separate the different usage areas that you fit into the same room. You can do this with different flooring, different lighting and different accessories. That is, if your living room is also the dining room where your dining table is located; can use the lighting of the living area and the lighting of the dining side differently; You can make the carpet or floor covering differently. Thus, the area becomes more organized by separating from each other.
Curtains or screens for different areas, You can divide your different areas in the same room with a curtain, you can use a separator screen. This makes the room look cooler and adds difference.

-Take advantage of white and daylight for refreshment,

The first solution you need to apply to make a spacious decoration in small houses is to create an environment that makes the most of daylight. A decoration that you will create using light colors and plenty of windows will never be gloomy.

-Vertical areas of the room, not just horizontal,

Your room is not just a horizontal flat area. For houses with high ceilings, isn't it very cool to go floor to room like below?

-Compact Furniture,

If the furniture you will use in your home is both a shelf and a wardrobe, a bed and a chest?? What else? The choice of compact furniture with everything in one like the one below is a savior for small houses.

-Creative storage solutions,

When decorating a small house, you can use any space you can find for storage. Base seats, chest poufs…

-Bathroom lighting,

Even if the house is big, lighting is of great importance for your small bathroom. That's why lighting is one of the most basic design elements for bathrooms.

-A chance to loft design,
Loft environments decorated with open rooms, large spaces, raw walls and brutal elements become the face of the new generation of modern decoration. If you want to create an extraordinary yet popular style in your design, give loft design a chance.

Of course, there is something more important than all; Whatever your house is, you should definitely have The Lucid Lab design in it ;)
Peace, happiness, good health :)

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