Top 10 home decoration trends
The world of fashion and decoration is renewing and changing itself day by day. This change naturally creates new and different currents. Modern, industrial, bohemian… While each of them appeals to different customers, you may find yourself in the things that are confusing with their integrity and beauty and you can say that it is not my style at all. In order for you to combine them harmoniously, we have listed the new generation decoration trends for you.

1. Modern
Modern decoration is a combination of clean, sharp lines and a simple color palette. In this trend, the typical modern decoration theme is provided by the use of new generation materials including metal, glass and steel. This style is a broad design term in terms of content.

Priority in modern decoration, simplicity and minimalism. The word commonly used to describe modern style is elegant. In this respect, if you want to create a modern style, there is no room for too much complexity and eye-catching accessories in this trend.

2. Contemporary
While modern and contemporary are two styles that are often used interchangeably, contemporary differs from modern because it deals with the present of fashion.

Even if we think that the modern design concept has an innovative and contemporary style, this style is actually; It should be considered as a cult decoration concept, starting from the 1920s and extending to the 1960s and gaining its identity. Contemporary style, on the other hand, reflects an innovative approach that truly reflects today, and an understanding that changes over time. Contrary to the unchanging and self-preserving style of modern design, contemporary style stands out as a decoration concept that evolves according to the trends of the age.

3. Minimalist
In the modern age, where life is accelerating, the intensity is increasing, and the stress is increasing, the desire to get away from this exhausting tempo has started to increase. In this period when everything is too much and busy, our desire to create the peaceful atmosphere we dream of by simplifying our home, which is our living space, is increasing. At this point, the understanding of minimalism, that is, the philosophy of "less is more", which offers the peace we seek, started to take shape in our homes as well.

Minimalist-style color palettes feature neutral and smooth transitions. Furniture in this style is simple and functional. Nothing is excessive or flashy in accessories or decor. The minimalist style is briefly defined by very clean lines.

4. Industrial
The industrial style, which is called the reorganization of old factories and warehouses, turning them into living spaces and giving them a marginal atmosphere by decorating, is based on keeping the atmosphere of the space intact. It aims not to paint the walls, to show the concrete and even not to repair the broken places. Many of the elements have a sense of incompleteness.

An iconic house with an industrial design theme often provides a very stylish look when combined with a mezzanine or attic.

High ceilings, old wood and overhanging metal light fixtures are often used with functional furniture. The décor can be completed by adding one or two abstract paintings or photographs to add a dash of color to another neutral color scheme derived from the main materials of wood and metals.

5. Scandinavian
Scandinavian design is the reflection of the simplicity of life shown in Scandinavian countries. Natural textures, white furniture and walls combined with large print patterns are the details that can roughly describe this style. Since it is a northern style, we are talking about a very simple look. For this reason, prints that do not tire the eyes are preferred. Details such as natural fiber or fur can be added as coloring to add a different atmosphere to the general style.

Spacious, natural lighting, fewer accessories and functional furniture are the keywords of Scandinavian designs.

6. Traditional
It offers traditional design style, classic details, sumptuous furnishings and an abundance of accessories. This movement is based on the European art style.

There is an overall heavy feel to the traditional style. The use of wood, bookcases and decorations are among the features of the houses furnished in this style. The best part of this style is that it not only looks stylish and flashy, but also creates a warm atmosphere. The decorations are extremely exaggerated, carvings, colorful and patterned fabrics, wooden surfaces and handcrafted furniture are some of the details that reflect the traditional style.

Many traditional designs are dominated by depth, layering and multidimensionality.

7. Bohemian
Bohemian style is a movement defined in France. Bohemian style, inspired by the gypsy culture with a nomadic life, free and wandering spirit, reflects itself in many areas today. Bohemian is a popular style for home design and fashion. Apart from reflecting sincerity, it reflects a carefree lifestyle with small rules.

Bohemian homes can include vintage furniture and light fixtures, globally inspired textiles and rugs, and simple-to-use items.

Cushions and comfortable seating areas are preferred while creating the bohemian style.This eclectic style can include a well-woven rug and an ultra-glam chandelier paired with a medieval-style chair. The most common decor product that can be used when interpreting the Bohemian style in decoration is textile. You can use it on many surfaces such as furniture covering, blankets that you can place inside the house, throw pillows and pillows.

8. Rustic
Rustic design is inspired by naturalness. It is created using raw and mostly unfinished materials such as wood and stone.

Rustic design accessories have a warm vibe due to the design and architectural details that can include features such as wooden beams or vaulted ceilings adorned with reclaimed wood floors and can be combined with pieces that fit that spirit.

However, many designers today also combine rustic design with more modern furniture and accessories.

9. Hollywood
Hollywood glamor, also referred to as the Hollywood Regency, is a design style that tends to be luxurious, over-the-top, and opulent. This style is also described by its users as a “perfect dramatic style”.

It incorporates some aspects of Victorian design, including plush, velvet furnishings, tufting, and antiques. The color palettes are particularly dark, but reds and turquoise tones dominate.

10. Beach Style
Beach style, also called Hamptons style, this iconic trend carries lines and tones reminiscent of the American beaches. Coastal style is a decoration style inspired by the sea, aiming to transform houses into beachfronts. Coastal style has summer energy in its soul. But it's not one of those sweltering summers in that city life. nature; The energy of summers that you can feel with its blue, green, sand and sun. This style promises you calmness, freshness, comfort and energy.

Key features of the movement include light, airy color palettes with cool neutral tones paired with blues and greens. Furniture is usually white or beige. Rooms in this style can include wooden elements, and the accessories are often nautical-inspired.

The main purpose of this movement is to provide comfort and peace. Integrity is ensured between the pieces with large pillows, pouf seats, blue and white relaxing textile products.

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